Fortnite Battle Royale's new map update is live

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Where will you drop first?

Fortnite’s new map is out and it adds a whole bunch of new locations to the map.

The much-anticipated map update is live today, and revamps huge chunks of the map, largely on the western side. Check out the full new map below:

As you can see, the western half of the map has received a serious overhaul, adding a swathe of new locations to fight over and loot. A load of new names locations including Junk Junction and Shifty Shafts, but there are also a number of extra spots including a mansion in the north which have been quietly added without fanfare, so keep your eyes out while moving around.

The focus of the update seems to be on filling out the sparse regions, to minimise to long bouts of empty running you’d have to endure if the circle location wasn’t friendly. All of this should make for a more exciting experience, and give players incentive to spread out and explore the wider reaches of the map.

We’re planning to get our loot locations guide updated asap to cover the new spots to visit, so check back there soon for the best tips on this new map.

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