Coding tool FUZE4 coming to Switch this year to help you make games

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It doesn't seem that hard, don't see what all the FUZE is about.

FUZE4 Nintendo Switch will be coming to the handheld console later this year to teach you some text-based coding to build simple games.

The FUZE programming language is a fairly simple and easy to learn way of getting into game coding but with some decently complex capabilities.

FUZE Technologies, the UK-based company that created the language says their tool will be available for inquisitive Switch players in Q2 2018 and will retail “at less then £30 ($40)”.

The types of games FUZE4 will help you to code include 2D platformers, racing games, RTS and RPGs, puzzlers, shmups and beat-em-ups.

There are thousands of included graphical and audio assets, but you can always make your own as well as additional packs purchasable through the Nintendo e-Shop.

If you’ve wanted to take a first step into learning about the ins and outs of game-making then this could be a great educational tool and the price is definitely better than a full-blown course of lessons.

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