Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game that literally lets you chop tunes

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The new gameplay trailer looks tough.

A new gameplay trailer as released for VR rhythm game Beat Saber.

If you thought Guitar Hero was tough, take a look at the latest trailer for Hyperbolic Magnetism’s rhythm slasher.

Much like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, Beat Saber sees notes come flying towards you in five different lanes. The difference here is that each note is marked with a directional arrow, requiring you to strike the note from the marked side using one of your lightsaber-esque rods.

We got a look at the title back in Gamescom last year, but this new trailer shows what it’s like when you real dial up the ante and notes are coming at you thick and fast. Honestly, it looks more than a little bit impossible right now, but the physical motions required in VR may come more naturally than learning Guitar Hero’s finger tapping, and some people managed to seriously master that.

The dark tone seems to have taken some inspiration from Thumper’s edgy rhythm success, and the heavy beats are certainly fitted to smashing your controllers down through each note as you bob to the tune.

Considering the mental strain required to complete some of Guitar Hero’s hardest tracks, we’ll be interest to see how players far with the addition of physical strain, but it certainly looks like a blast to play through, and should be fairly easy to add a wide selection of tracks.

Beats Saber is currently planned for release in 2018 on PSVR, Oculus and Vive.

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