Hideki Kamiya shares Resident Evil 2 memories to mark 20th anniversary

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"RE2 was the first game I got to direct, so it holds a special place in my memories."

PlatinumGames developer Hideki Kamiya has fired off a flurry of tweets sharing his recollections about the creation of Resident Evil 2 as fans mark the game's 20th anniversary.

We'll share the thread in full, since it's full of fascinating insights. Some of the larger details were well known - e.g. the game was scrapped and restarted from scratch part-way through development - but the smaller human details are very revealing.

A little later, Kamiya posted a follow-up thread recalling how he got the role in the first place.

Lovely stuff. We were a bit partial to Resident Evil 2 ourselves, and you can read our Resident Evil 2 20th anniversary tribute feature elsewhere on the site.

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