More Gen 3 creatures have hopped into Pokémon GO

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Go gettem.

Pokémon GO has has a wave of new Gen 3 creatures added.

23 new Pokémon have made the jump into our (augmented) reality from Ruby and Sapphire in the fourth set to arrive since Gen 3 was introduced in Halloween last year.

The most recent Pokémon GO event increased spawn rates for Pikachus including shiny variants. Next up will be eel-like dragon, Dratini on February 24.

Here’s the full list of Pokémon added:

293. Whismur
294. Loudred
295. Exploud
304. Aron
305. Lairon
306. Aggron
322. Numel
323. Camerupt
328. Trapinch
329. Vibrava
330. Flygon
331. Cacnea
332. Cacturne
337. Lunatone
338. Solrock

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