Bayonetta Switch overview trailer sums up the Umbran Witch perfectly

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In case you missed them the first time.

If you missed out on the Bayonetta 1 & 2 on release, the new Switch overview trailer grants a good look at the time-manipulating witch.

Time-slowing, demon-summoning and angel spanking — the trailer sums up pretty much all you need to know about the two titles before their bundled re-release.

Both titles are fantastic, if notoriously tough, combo hack ‘n’ slashers, requiring you to fight through hordes of angels in all many of over-the-top scenarios. The Umbran Witch’s signature moves involve her hair (which is also her outfit) transforming into enormous, summoned demons to dish out the pain in a Climax finisher. It’s taken to the absurd extreme on all fronts, and all the more enjoyable for it.

The Switch release includes a $60 bundle of both games, including all the Nintendo bonus costumes from previous versions as well as amiibo input, touch controls and a multiplayer Tag Climax mode.

If you purchase either game individually on the Nintendo eShop, you’ll be able to buy the other for a reduced price to put the total up to $60.

Europe and Japan are also getting access to a special edition with a SteelBook cover, Verse Cards and sticker sheets for £69.99.

Bayonetta 1 & 2 release on Nintendo Switch February 16.

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