Original Iron Banner returning to Destiny 2

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A number of nostalgic changes are being made to the Iron Banner in Destiny 2.

Today, Bungie detailed plans to update the Iron Banner event in order to make it closer to the way it worked back in the original Destiny. According to Bungie, the revamped Iron Banner will come with Destiny 2’s 1.1.4 update, which is set to launch on March 27.

Addressing the changes to the Iron Banner, Bungie’s PvP design lead Derek Carroll stated:

“Iron Banner will channel that old-school Crucible in the style of the Iron Lords. We’ve made a number of tweaks to the gameplay besides increasing team sizes to 6v6.”

Bungie recently released a full list of changes to the Iron Banner, which can be seen below:

  • Match time limit set to 12 minutes.
  • Score limit set to 125 points.
  • Respawn time set to 7 seconds.
  • All control zones start off neutral.
  • Control zones take slightly longer to capture by default.
  • Additional Guardians (max of 3) in a zone increases capture speed.
  • Guardians participating in a capture get more Super energy.

Aside from the changes being made to Destiny 2’s Iron Banner, there are other notable inclusions in the upcoming 1.1.4 update. For example, two Crucible matches from the original Destiny are making a return.

The first is Rumble, which will reportedly support up to eight players in Destiny 2 (over the original game’s 6) and will feature a simplified scoring system. Meanwhile, Mayhem is also making a return, though it’ll remain unchanged.

Another item Bungie touched upon are the bugs players have been encountering following the game’s 1.1.3 update in addition to the pesky Leviathan bug, which has been present since September.

John Guesnier, raid test lead at Bungie, explained that Bungie is still working on a fix for the Leviathan issue. Whether or not players will see improvements to the Leviathan raid following the release of the 1.1.4 update remains to be seen. Either way, it’s nice to know that Bungie is actively working on a solution.

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