There's a mod for Wolfenstein 3D which turns all enemies into pettable dogs

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It's called Return to Castle Woofenstein.

The original Wolfenstein 3D had you fighting through hallways of Nazis and their dogs, gunning them down indiscriminately. It was a great game for its time but as it turns out, there’s always room for improvement.

A new reskin mod, Woof3D fixes the major problems with the game. Namely the Nazis and guns, replacing the former with more dogs, and the latter with hands to pet the dogs with.

Even the blurb for the reskin sounds glorious:

“There's a big ol' castle full of dogs wanting pats and you're the one to pet them. Sorry, they jump up on you, I hope you don't mind dog paw prints on your jeans. Just pat them and they'll fall asleep pretty quick.”

Be careful though, because unless you turn on god mode the dogs can and will lick you to death with their affection.

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