Starr Mazer steers back on track with Crossing Souls art team

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After a rough 2017 in copyright hell, delayed Kickstarter indie shows progress.

Starr Mazer, the point-and-click Shmup hybrid Kickstarter from Imagos Softworks, has a new art team courtesy of the wizards behind Crossing Souls.

Juanga Jaén and Daniel Benítez join the Imagos team fresh from the successful launch of their 80s-inspired smorgasbord of pixelart to do character and environment work on the somewhat maligned space shooter adventure.

Starr Mazer has been hit by a raft of problems since its successful funding of $193,566 in February 2015, which have delayed it two years beyond its original April 2016 release window.

In late 2016 one of the composers of the game's soundtrack entered into a copyright dispute with the developers over rights to work they had completed for Starr Mazer, and most recently the art team has been severely reduced.

"What was once a three-person team of art ninjas dedicating mostly full-time effort to realizing the design of Starr Mazer has, as you know, been reduced to one incredible talent - Nefarious's own Josh Hano (@JoshHano) - who is only able to dedicate half of his time to the gargantuan task," says designer Don Thacker in the game's latest Kickstarter update.

With the arrival of Jaén and Benítez, Thacker is now hopeful that things can go more smoothly as development continues at an improved rate.

"Having the art team on board full time, and cranking, will really push us along," Thacker says in the update. "It will also make things a billion times better for our Mazers, as the final product of any modern video game is, essentially, light and sound that responds to input. Having that light to look at will really go a long way in establishing for you exactly how committed we are to making the best possible game that can be made of Starr Mazer for you to enjoy. Because, really, that's what this is all about. We want you to enjoy Starr Mazer.

"We've been through a lot," Thacker concludes. "Some of it magical. Some of it destructive. Some of it terrifying. All of it is worth it, though, for the end goal of you - specifically you - enjoying the experience playing this game."

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