Why We're Excited About ThirtyThree's RunGunJumpGun

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We analyze the game’s impressive trailer to explain why we can’t wait to play RunGunJumpGun.

RunGunJumpGun, developed by ThirtyThree, is an upcoming platformer title that looks to bring back the era of brutally difficult indies with some signature sci-fi flair thrown in. Upon testing the game, we found ourselves having to seriously grind to get to the end of each level… something that we’ve actually been yearning for in the realm of gaming.

True, there’s nothing like sitting back and playing a relaxing game like Abzu to relax your mind and calm your spirit. But what if you’re looking for the polar opposite? You browse the offerings available, see titles you’ve undoubtedly already played like Super Meat Boy, and sigh in frustration. After all, you’re a gamer who is likely proud of your accomplishments in games the community refers to as “unbeatable”.

So if you’re like us, and want something to challenge your brain and get your heart racing, check out the trailer for RunGunJumpGun below.

Armed with a gigantic gun, traversing otherworldly landscapes, and dealing with some seriously strange aliens? Sign us up! The art in the game is bright and colorful, instantly pulling you in and leaving you wanting more. The music is also notable, aiding the tense moments in the game with a soundtrack that doesn’t let up for a moment.

If you enjoy games like Flappy Bird or that strange online runner QWOP, you’ll fall in love with RunGunJumpGun. There are only two keys you need to focus on, L-shift and R-shift… yet ThirtyThree managed to make a two-button configuration game into a monster of a challenge.

What can we say? We’re excited for RunGunJumpGun’s official release on August 31st, so be sure to keep your eye on the official RunGunJumpGun Steam page to pick up the title and see if you can beat the game before we do. It’s on!

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