How to Hatch Baby Pokémon in Pokemon GO

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Get the latest Generation 2 Pokémon out of your Pokémon GO Eggs.

Yesterday, Niantic released the first Generation 2 Pokémon to Pokémon GO… baby Pokémon. Many players were disappointed to learn that only six new Pokémon were being introduced, and that they’re only able to be hatched out of Eggs. 

However, avid Pokémon GO players have been scrambling to hatch these new Pokémon and add them to their PokéDex. So, how do you hatch baby Pokémon in Pokémon GO?

How to Hatch Baby Pokémon in Pokémon GO

Baby Pokémon can now be hatched out of Eggs in Pokémon GO.

First, you need to know which new Pokémon can be hatched out of Eggs. The new Generation 2 baby Pokémon that were added include Pichu, Togepi, Igglybuff, Magby, Elekid, and Cleffa.

Next, clean out your current inventory of Eggs. You can do this either by hatching them all, or by hatching a few to give yourself some extra space. Unfortunately, there is no way to discard Eggs in Pokémon GO, and the new baby Pokémon only hatch from Eggs you collect following yesterday’s update. 

Head to a nearby PokéStop to collect new Eggs. 

To collect new Eggs, head to a PokéStop and spin it. One way to get an Egg on your first PokéStop spin is to head to Starbucks. Following last week’s update, most Starbucks locations are now PokéStops. Not only this, but your first spin will usually yield a decent quantity of items including an Egg drop. 

Once you’ve acquired your new Egg, assign it to an incubator, then begin walking the necessary distance. To know what you may get, 2km Eggs have a chance of hatching Igglybuff or Cleffa, 5km Eggs can hatch Pichu or Togepi, and 10km Eggs can hatch Magby, Elekid, or Smoochum.

You can now hatch Pichu or Togepi out of Eggs in Pokémon GO.

If you want to up your chances of hatching all six new baby Pokémon in Pokémon GO, you may find yourself shelling out some cash for additional incubators to hatch multiple Eggs at once. And that’s it, you now know how to hatch baby Pokémon in Pokémon GO!

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