Firewatch PS4 Copy Instantly Sold Out

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How the limited edition physical copy sold out within minutes of being up for sale.

Firewatch, by developer Campo Santo, is quickly becoming one of the hottest indie games of 2016. With many gamers recently finding their way into Firewatch’s colorful Wyoming wilderness, it’s not hard to believe that the game’s physical copy would be a hot commodity this holiday season.

Limited Run Games, who handled the manufacturing and release of Firewatch, recently announced that they would be making 7,300 limited edition Firewatch PlayStation 4 physical copies.

Going up for sale today, the 4,800 units sold out within mere minutes after becoming available. The remaining 2,500 units are set to release next month on January 16th.

The physical copy of Firewatch includes the game, as well as a beautiful full-size replica of the map within the case. To get your hands on one of Firewatch’s remaining 2,500 limited edition PlayStation 4 copies, be sure to check Limited Run’s website on January 16th, 2017.

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