Shadow Warrior 2 Patch Adds New Holiday Event

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The newest Shadow Warrior 2 patch adds a new holiday event and much, much more.

Shadow Warrior 2 by developer Flying Wild Hog recently unveiled its Way of the Wang DLC. Now, the developers have implemented a brand new patch that adds a holiday event, bug fixes, and more. The holiday event is an interesting one, with players given the ability to aid Lo Wang in his quest to gather lost Christmas gifts.

The Shadow Warrior 2 holiday event is only available for a limited time, and brings with it several festive enemies, an exclusive gift for players who complete the Wang-filled mission, and even a new snowstorm weather type. To partake in the holiday mission, simply locate the Christmas tree found on the training grounds past Hideo’s shop.

In addition to the holiday event, patch adds the following fixes (text courtesy of Flying Wild Hog):


  • Added gem filtering.
  • Fixed inventory hang bug.
  • Added option for canceling conversations using “Escape” on keyboard or “B button” on gamepad.
  • Fixed calculating multiline label size.
  • Added hiding client hud after a challenge.
  • Fixed gem crafting exploit.
  • Fixed an issue with embedding elemental gems.
  • Fixed an input bug that could occur after dying in challenges while in menus.
  • Fixed crafting gems that are restricted to weapons.


  • Various stability fixes.
  • Fixed a possible crash after using explosive bolts.

Photo Mode

  • Fixed “Lock in first person” screenshots.
  • Fixed “screenshot” command in photo mode. Fixed exposure increasing.

Gameplay Fixes

  • Slight improvements to double jump.
  • Fixed teleporting after loading bug.
  • Weapon history fixes.

The Shadow Warrior 2 holiday event is only available for a limited time, so be sure to hop into the game and complete the mission! In addition, you can purchase Shadow Warrior 2 on Steam to find out what all the hype has been about.

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