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Pick out the very best armor and upgrades for your beloved Shovel Knight, Plague Knight, or Specter Knight.

In Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, you have access to armor that will aid you in your adventures. In the beginning, each iteration of Shovel Knight will have their own set of armor to keep them from harm. As you progress, you’ll come across a plethora of new gear to equip.

How do you know if a particular set of armor? Well, here’s a look at all armor options in Shovel Knight to help give you a better idea!

Shovel Knight Armor

All Armor options for Shovel Knight.
  • Stalwart Plate (Cost N/A): Your original set of armor, costs nothing, provides average damage reduction but overall is nothing special. Final Guard (Cost 3,000): Reduces gold lost upon death from 25% to 12%.
  • Conjurer’s Coat (Cost 4,000): Adds 50 points to Shovel Knight’s magic capacity while doubles the amount of damage Shovel Knight takes as a trade-off.
  • Dynamo Mail (Cost 6,000): After two shovel drops, Shovel Knight gains charge slash in addition to Charge Handle without movement penalties.
  • Mail of Momentum (Cost 6,000): Reduces knockback when struck, but lowers Shovel Knight’s traction.
  • Ornate Plate (Cost 8,000): Purely cosmetic. Leaves trail of sparkles behind Shovel Knight, prompts Shovel Knight to perform flips when jumping, helps Shovel Knight land on his feet after being launched from the Catapult, King Knight will compliment Shovel Knight on his armor.
  • Armor of Chaos (Cost N/A): Sony exclusive, cannot be upgraded. To obtain the Armor of Chaos you need to give the Grave Digger’s Shovel to the armorer. Armor gives Shovel Knight multi-hit combos, alters Shovel Drop, changes item drops into orbs that home in on Shovel Knight.
  • Toad Gear (Cost N/A): Xbox exclusive, cannot be upgraded. To obtain Toad Gear you’ll need to complete the Battletoads sidequest. After that, it can be equipped by talking to the Armorer or Goatarmorer. Toad Gear turns Shovel Knight green, allows him to perform a three-hit combo, Shovel Drop becomes a ground pound, can double-tap left or right to dash.

Plague Knight Armor

All Armor options for Plague Knight.
  • Chemical Coated Cloak (Cost N/A): Your original cloak, costs nothing, provides average damage reduction but overall is nothing special.
  • Treasure Trappings (Cost 3,500): Reduces money dropped upon death, creates a magnetizing effect that pulls loot toward Plague Knight.
  • Goo Garment (Cost 4,000): Gives Plague Knight the ability to bounce off walls if he bursts into them.
  • Ward Robe (Cost 5,000): Reduces knockback when struck, but lowers Plague Knight’s traction.
  • Dandy Duds (Cost 8,000): Purely cosmetic. Wearing Dandy Duds will prompt Plague Knight to strike poses when jumping, skip when walking, and spin when turning. A trail of glitter follows Plague Knight, and upon a victory, he’ll drink a potion and twirl his cape.
  • Pandemonium Cloak (Cost N/A): Can be obtained by bringing the Pandemonium Chalice to the Troupple King. Cloak shifts color frequently, changes the composition of Plague Knight’s bombs as well as which Arcana and Bursts are equipped. Additionally, all Arcanas aside from the Staff of Drinking now cost only one power meter.

Specter Knight Armor

All Armor options for Specter Knight.
  • Crimson Cloak (Cost N/A): Your original cloak, costs nothing, provides average damage reduction but overall is nothing special.
  • Donovan Set (Cost N/A): Can be obtained by unlocking all of the Red Skulls in the Specter of Torment campaign. Gives Specter Knight the appearance of Donovan, unlocks Caltrops, replaces Specter Knight’s scythe with his sword.
  • Cloak of Clemency (Cost 3,500): Reduces the gold you lose upon dying, stops pits and spikes from being instant kills.
  • Rail Mail (Cost 6,000): Gives Specter Knight the ability to grind on any surface, including spikes. Part of the Rail Mail cloak will change color when Specter Knight grinds (right for blue, left for red).
  • Striker’s Shawl (Cost 6,000): Gives Specter Knight the ability to charge an attack that deals twice as much damage as his primary attack.
  • Raiment of Risk (Cost 5,000): If a player breaks a checkpoint while Raiment of Risk is equipped, a special effect will trigger. This effect decreases the default to 4 points and allows Specter Knight’s darkness to slowly regenerate. While the effect is active, fireballs will be shot out with every swing of Specter Knight’s scythe.
  • Ghostly Garb (Cost 8,000): Purely cosmetic. When equipped, Specter Knight will start in a different pose, will skate instead of walk, cape will billow out behind him, emits ghostly trails whenever you move.

As you can see, there are many Armor options to use in Shovel Knight: Treasure trove. Whether you decide to play as the classic Shovel Knight, Plague Knight, or Specter Knight, there’s no shortage of customization options available to you.

Header Image Courtest of DeviantArt user Seraharcana.

By reading through this guide, you should now know more about all of the Armor available in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.

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