Firewatch coming to Switch in time for summer camp

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Play as a fire lookout while working as a fire lookout. If you really want.

You'll soon be able to play Firewatch while sat out in the wilderness, enjoying the sounds of nature in a Wyoming national park forest, as Campo Santo's narrative blockbuster hits the Switch this spring.

The port of 2016's indie adventure should be completed before the days getting long and hot enough to pose a risk of wildfire, which is great news if you wanted to get outside and still play games this summer.

In fact, Campo Santo are suggesting you do exactly that, taking your Nintendo handheld out into the woods and playing as Henry, a volunteer fire lookout who has some real life issues that he talks through with permanently disembodied Delilah over the radio.

It's a great match for the Switch, which is already proving a safe harbor for lovely little indie titles focused on storytelling. We'll have more info on a release date as soon as one's available.

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