Far Cry 5 guide: all whiskey barrel locations

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Get a lot of money in the beginning of Far Cry 5 by finding all the whiskey barrels.

Far Cry 5 is the perfect type of game, it’s got a story worth experiencing, a world worth exploring, and it’s even got enough collectibles to keep any collect-a-holic addicted for hours on end. One collectible which could go unnoticed are whiskey barrels. These whiskey-filled barrels are pretty easy to find, and are ideal for anyone just starting to venture into Hope County. Once you finish collecting them, start on your comic book collection or perhaps finding the Vietnam lighters?

All Whiskey Barrel Locations

There are fifteen whiskey barrels to find in Far Cry 5, and each rewards a small amount of money which is excellent when just starting the game. You won’t need to travel very far to find the barrels either, as they’re all located in Silver Lake in Jacob’s Region.

Whiskey Barrel 1

The first whiskey barrel can be found in the northeast section of Silver Lake, just off the southwest of the little island in the lake.

Whiskey Barrel 2

The second whiskey barrel is at the mouth of the southwest river leading into the lake.

Whiskey Barrel 3

The next whiskey barrel can be found below the northern section of the red bridge that traverses the middle of the lake.

Whiskey Barrel 4

This whiskey barrel is located just off the side of the southern section of the red bridge that traverses the lake.

Whiskey Barrel 5

Another whiskey barrel can be located to the west of the southern section of the bridge, near the little island in Silver Lake.

Whiskey Barrel 6

A whiskey barrel can be found in the left-half of Silver Lake, just below the gray tunnel bridge.

Whiskey Barrel 7

Whiskey barrel number seven is in the very south of Silver Lake, near the shoreline below the long bridge that runs east-to-west.

Whiskey Barrel 8

The eighth whiskey barrel is going to be more difficult to find as it’s located in the west of Silver Lake, right in the middle of a massive river.

Whiskey Barrel 9

Another whiskey barrel can be found in the west of Silver Lake, slightly north-northeast of the previous barrel.

Whiskey Barrel 10

The tenth whiskey barrel is in the west of Silver Lake, in the largest body of water the lake has to offer. Look for the two little islands, and then swim north of the right-most island to find it.

Whiskey Barrel 11

Go to the very west side of Silver Lake to find this whiskey barrel near Clagett Bay.

Whiskey Barrel 12

Whiskey barrel number twelve is in the northwest section of the lake, a little northeast of the nearby fast travel point.

Whiskey Barrel 13

This whiskey barrel is located in the northern section of Silver Lake, near the collection of rocks and little islands that feed the water into the lake.

Whiskey Barrel 14

To find the fourteenth whiskey barrel, locate the little island near the Silver Lake name and head west.

Whiskey Barrel 15

The final whiskey barrel is located off the east of the island directly above the Silver Lake name.

With all the whiskey barrels collected, you should have a pretty penny saved. Now you should head to the closest vendor and stock up, as you’ll need all the firepower you can get if you hope to clear Hope County of Eden’s Gate.

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