The best bases in State of Decay 2

The best locations to set up a new base in State of Decay 2.

In State of Decay 2, community growth and happiness is a key concern. To meet the requirements of your camp, you’ll need to make sure your base has enough facilities and building slots. There are three regions to set up camp: Drucker County, Cascade Hills, and Meagher Valley, each with their own prime real estate. Your starting bases are perfectly adequate to begin, but it won’t be long before you’ll be hankering for more room. Here are the best bases for each region in State of Decay 2.

The best base locations in State of Decay 2

Exploring each region, you’ll come across plenty of potential base spots encamp at. Smaller bases can be complemented by acquiring Outposts to help with a lack of facilities, but eventually you’ll want to expand. The best bases in State of Decay 2 will run you a whopping 3,500 Influence to purchase, so you’ll need to save up. Your final base will be a matter of preference, so take note of the available facilities before you make your decision.

Drucker County — Barricaded Strip Mall

Situated in Drucker County’s northern area, the Barricaded Strip Mall is hugely expensive when compared to the other nearby options. If you can afford it, this high price will net you a wealth of existing facilities and a decent number of expansion slots to boot.

Location: North

Requirements: 3,500 Influence and 8 Survivors


  • Employee Bathroom
  • Sheltered Beds 2
  • 3x Parking
  • Tae-Kwon-Do Gym
  • High-End Kitchen
  • Urgent Care
  • Laundromat (clearable)
  • 3x Large Slots
  • 1x Small Outdoor Slot

Cascade Hills — Container Fort

Container Fort may be lacking in beds but it easily makes up for this with excellent, pre-built high-level facilities and plenty of expansion slots. Easily the best location available in State of Decay 2’s mountainous region, it’s well worth exploring the edge of the region to find it.

Location: Southwest

Requirements: 3,500 Influence and 8 Survivors


  • Firesafe Storage 3
  • 3x Parking
  • Workshop 3
  • 2x Large Slots
  • 5x Small Outdoor Slots

Meagher Valley - Whitney Field

Life in the open plains is a pleasant change to the military-theming of other camps, and as such Whitney Field makes for a nice choice to establish yourself late in the game. Of course it helps that the base comes with several pre-installed Sheltered Beds and a grand total of five expansion slots. Tasty.

Location: South

Requirements: 3,500 Influence and 8 Survivors


  • Sheltered Beds 2
  • Announcer Box
  • Fortified Bleachers
  • Outdoor Beds 2
  • Outdoor Beds
  • 4x Parking
  • Fortified Bleachers
  • 3x Large Slots
  • 2x Small Outdoor Slots

While more facilities and spots are handy, it’s worth noting that resources aren’t infinite in State of Decay 2, and therefore no base will see you safe forever. In addition, your influence will need to be earned over time before you can unlock the most expensive options. For this reason it’s often worth improving one of the less expensive (and less well equipped) bases before shifting again once you start feeling constrained.

While you’re exploring State of Decay 2’s bases, it’s important to keep your weapons in tip-top shape. Ensure you’re ready with our guide on how to repair weapons in State of Decay 2.

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