How to Play Balls vs Blocks

Set new high scores in Balls vs Blocks with our guide on how to play!

Balls vs Blocks is simple to play, difficult to master. As one of the latest puzzle games available, it’s important to know how to play Balls vs Blocks so you can increase your highscore. There are a few tips and tricks to help you play Balls vs Blocks even better!

How to Play Balls vs Blocks

Collect balls to increase your ball count, this helps you break bigger blocks!
Collect balls to increase your ball count, this helps you break bigger blocks!

Balls vs Blocks starts you as a line of 4 balls. This line slowly moves up through a maze-like area made of lines – or walls – collectible balls, and blocks. The aim of Balls vs Blocks is to get as far as possible. While there is no end, the game will get more challenging the longer you last. It’s all about surviving as a long as possible

As you move along, you’ll be able to eat more balls, which, depending on the number above them, will add that many to your line of balls. So a ball with a “5” will add five balls to your tail. Eating these balls is crucial, as you will need them to break through the blocks.

Each block you come across will have a number on it. This number indicates how many balls is needed to break through it. A block with a “10” on it will cost 10 balls to break through.

Thus the challenge is collecting the balls to increase the amount of balls you have and picking the right path so you can successfully break through a block.

If you come across a block labelled “20” and you only have 19 balls in your tail, you will die unless you can move to another block that has 18 or lower written in it.

Conversely, the only way to increase your score is to plough through blocks and break them using your balls. This seems counterintuitive, but with enough practice you’ll be able to quickly zip back and forth across the screen, resupplying the amount of balls you have.

When learning how to play Balls vs Blocks, the best tip is to get used to quickly swiping your finger across the screen to get from one side to the other in an instant. Using this move will let you gather up balls that are on opposite sides of the screen without running into anything. It’s difficult at first, but with enough practice, you’ll be able to get some truly ballistic highscores in Balls vs Blocks!

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