Highest Alpha Damage Medium Tanks

Devastate your enemies with these heavy-hitting Medium tanks.

Highest Alpha Damage Mediums - Tier 10

Finally, the Bat-Chat, one of the most popular Medium tanks in the game, offers excellent mobility and alpha damage to match.

Finally, rounding off our list of highest alpha damage Medium tanks are three Tier 10 vehicles. These Mediums offer the greatest alpha damage and penetration values out of all Medium tanks in World of Tanks.


The Chinese offer some of the most powerful Medium tanks in World of Tanks, and the Tier 10 versions do not fail impressive. Though it has a simple name, the 121 is a worthy reward for anyone who manages to get to the end of the Chinese Medium tank line. The Medium tank offers the highest alpha damage to penetration values of any vehicle in world of tanks, with 440 alpha and 258 mm of penetration.

AMX 30 B

The AMX 30 B is a step up from the 1er Prototype while offering the same alpha damage and penetration values. While it holds similar values, what changes is its dispersion and aim time, offering a more precise shot and a faster line-up. The AMX 30 B also has some excellent camouflage ratings and view ranges, making it useful at scouting.

Bat.-Châtillon 25 t

Finally, the last tank on our list of highest alpha damage Medium tanks is the iconic and legendary Bat.-Châtillon 25 t. The Bat-Chat is the high-point when it comes to Medium tanks, offering excellent stats for almost every attribute. With 390 points of alpha damage and 259 mm of penetration, the burst potential of this French tank cannot be understated. Just be aware of the crippling reload time – so get in close, burst the enemy down, then get out!

When it comes to power, it’s all about the alpha damage, and Medium tanks offer some of the best balances between alpha damage, armor, and speed. While this isn’t every Medium tank with the highest alpha damage, these are some of the most common. What Medium tank with high alpha damage do you think belongs on the list?

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