Highest Penetration Light Tanks in World of Tanks

These Light tanks offer the highest penetration of their tank type.

Highest Penetration Light Tanks – Tier 10

Tier 10 offers the best of the bunch: Light tanks capable of punching through anything that stands in their way. However, this doesn’t mean you can aim wherever you want. Tankers will still need to know where tank weak points are located and what shells to use at any given moment.


Taking their place firmly within the top three tanks at Tier 10 are the Americans, starting with the XM551 Sheridan. This Light tank has a nice layer of spaced armor, helping to protect it against an opponents HEAT and HESH shells. Players who don’t want to use the derp gun can instead equip the 105 mm and send shells their enemies’ way that can pierce through 236 mm of armor.

Rheinmetall Panzerwagen

Also known as the Rhm. Pzw., this Tier 10 German Light tank boasts the second highest top speed in the game, coming in at 75 km/h, making it an ideal candidate for active scouting. Tankers looking to avoid the scouting role and fill the shoes of a flanker will be pleased that its main gun offers 242 mm of penetration on a standard round and 280 on a Premium shell.


Finally, the Chinese strut it home with the WZ-132-1, a Light tank with astoundingly strong turret armor (200/160/65 mm), exceptionally high alpha damage, side skirting, excellent mobility and speeds, great accuracy and fast aim times. The WZ-132-1 is overall an superb tank worth unlocking, especially given that its standard rounds offer 246 mm of penetration.

Light tanks are primarily used for their speed and spotting potential, but they can do more than that. If you plan on practicing your flanking, you should aim to use a Light tank with good penetration values to ensure you can punch clean through the enemy armor. Did your favorite Light tank make the cut?

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