7 Best Medium Tanks in World of Tanks

Beware the wolfpack - they bite.

Tier 9 – Škoda T 50

Easily the hardest choice I’ve had to make so far, having to deny my baby the E 50 was a painful but necessary sacrifice. The Škoda T 50 takes the Soviet-esque 100mm main armament and gives it a 3-shell autoloader, capable of dealing 960 burst damage in 3.6 seconds with a very respectable 248mm of penetration on its standard APCR rounds. Not only this, but unlike many other autoloaders, the Škoda has a very short reload of sub-20 seconds with the right equipment and crew, reducing the risk of getting caught with your pants down mid-reload.

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The mobility is nothing to scoff at either, with a top speed of 50 km/h, but more importantly, an astounding 26 hp/t ratio allowing the T 50 to shift absolutely anywhere it needs to be on the map. Combined with the 8 degrees of gun depression it can utilise most terrain features to its advantage.

To gain such mobility it does lack in the armor regard, with really nothing more than enough frontal armor to stop HE and the occasional extreme angle at the very edges of the rounded turret. That being said, this is a small price to pay considering everything else.

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