7 Best Medium Tanks in World of Tanks

Beware the wolfpack - they bite.

Tier 10

Here’s where the choices become impossible for me to narrow down to a single clear winner. Tier 10 is home to too many great Mediums which excel in different scenarios, or that I just enjoy more than others regardless of power level.

M48 Patton

Certainly a controversial start, but I truly believe the M48 Patton is one of the best Medium Tanks Tier 10 has to offer. By utilising the excellent gun depression, DPM, and gun handling of the M48, you can minimise exposure of your somewhat soft armor to the enemy while being able to reliably put in consistent rapid fire with your brutal 105mm main armament.

When it comes to speed, the M48 is nothing special, in fact it’s nicknamed the “Fatton” for a reason, but its short-range mobility is decent enough with great traverse speeds, a respectable power to weight ratio, and solid terrain resistance values which is everything you need for ridgeline work and peak-a-booming.

Object 907

The high-tier Russian Mediums are a renowned bunch due to their respectable all-round statistics, combined with their specialisation in damage output capabilities and excellent armor profiles.

The Object 907 takes this to a new level with a diamond-shaped hull similar to that of the T-22 Medium, with armor values that cannot be overmatched by most guns, unlike the Obj 140 and 430. Not only this, but its frontal hull armor sits at around 220-240mm effective armor providing almost complete protection from most guns at Tier 8.

When it comes to turret armor, the T-62 is still King, but the 907 takes second place by quite a lead with 230mm thick, well rounded cupolas capable of ricocheting all incoming fire save for perfectly flush shots. While the Object 907 has a turret roof weak spot, it's 40mm thick for the most part, reducing the number of guns that can over match it quite significantly compared to something like the Object 140, though that could change very soon with Update 9.20.

Rounding off, the firepower of the Object 907 is slightly worse than its Object 140 and T-62A counterparts, but it gains a slight DPM advantage to make up. As for mobility, it’s objectively (no pun intended) better than all its competition with excellent terrain resistance values, and turret and hull traverse speeds to accompany the decent 55 km/h top speed and just shy of 17 hp/t ratio.

E 50 M

And finally we reach my all-time favorite Tier 10 Medium Tank, the German E 50 M. I should put a disclaimer here stating that, while the E 50 M is certainly a very strong vehicle, I don’t believe it’s objectively the best Medium Tank in the game. The TVP 50/51 has greater potential, the Obj 907 is better at straight up killing tanks, the BC-25 t is a great tank in its own right, etc. but personally I find the E 50 M far more enjoyable as it’s so unique.

I’ve noticed a common theme among recent changes, especially regarding Tier 9 and 10 Mediums. They all seem to follow the cookie-cutter trend of good gun depression, high DPM, good turret armor, good gun handling, good short-range mobility, mediocre base dispersion, and so on.

The upcoming changes to the AMX 30 B, 30 Prototype, M48, and M46 Patton all conform to this style. After that the Centurion Action X will receive a turret armor buff, making it barely different from the rest. The Russian Mediums all abide by this rule save for their poor gun depression. While, of course, the Object 907 or other Russian mediums are better tank killers than the E 50 M, they all seem so bland and same-ish, and due to the corridor-focused map meta limiting game design, there’s really not a lot of room for variation as can be seen by the pretty awful Leopard 1 - hence the AMX 30 B is receiving the buffs it is. Sniping roles aren’t accepted in the current meta game.

Then you have the E 50 M, with worst in class DPM (except for autoloaders), a poorly armored turret face, mediocre traverse speeds, nothing special in the way of alpha damage, and to my knowledge, the most it’s received in the way of buffs for years is the recent 2 degrees of frontal gun depression it gained in patch 9.17.1. But it just works.

There have been new, more powerful introductions to the game such as the TVP, its older competitors have been buffed besides it, it has been power crept in many regards… but it still works. It has ramming capabilities, it has hull armor, it has excellent gun handling and base dispersion stats, it’s the pinnacle of consistency. Nothing can do what the E 50 M does, and its uniqueness in this regard places it well within my number 1 spot for Medium Tanks.

In my opinion the E 50 M is the perfect blend of pubbie-proof armor, laser-beam accuracy, mobility, and ramming speed, and I’d wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for exactly the aforementioned as you won’t find it anywhere else. Are there any tanks you would have placed instead of mine, and why? I imagine there will be a lot of differing opinions for Tier 10, and I also imagine I’ll agree with most of them because of how great Tier 10 is for Mediums.

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