Destiny 2 Dynamic Theme

Get your hands on the new Destiny 2 Dynamic Theme for PlayStation 4.

As part of Sony’s exclusivity (and just a feature of the PS4 itself), Destiny 2 players are treated with a pretty spiffy looking dynamic theme. Up until now, the preorder bonus had just been talked about, but now that Destiny 2 is less than a week away, PlayStation players can now install the theme!

Destiny 2 Dynamic Theme

The PS4 Dynamic Theme is the iconic promotional imagery.

As per the statement on the PlayStation Store, “Digital pre-orders also receive a PS4 dynamic system theme after checking out,” anyone who pre-orders one of the many Destiny 2 Editions will receive this as a bonus!

Every Destiny 2 Edition includes the Dynamic Theme as a bonus.

Once your pre-order is accepted by Sony, you will be able to download, install, and set it as your PS4’s theme. Anyone who’s been paying attention to Destiny 2 will immediately recognize the background image as the original promotional image for the game, with three Guardians sliding into battle, though alarmingly, without helmets.

After the purchase goes through, you will be able to download the Destiny 2 Dynamic Theme.
After the purchase goes through, you will be able to download the Destiny 2 Dynamic Theme.

To make this your PlayStation 4 background, you must first go to your Settings by scrolling along to the toolbox icon. From there, select the “Themes” option and then choose “Set Theme”. Here, you will be able to find the Destiny 2 Dynamic Theme as soon as it finishes downloading, and then set it as your background.

This is a nice little bonus for anyone who knows they’re going to play Destiny 2 and gets their pre-order down. While doing this, make sure you begin downloading and installing Destiny 2, as preloading has just been made available on PS4. Doing this will ensure that Destiny 2 is ready to play as soon as it launches on September 6, that way you won’t have to wait for it to download on the big day!

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