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Updated for Patch 1.2.0 - Learn how each character in Mario Tennis Aces stacks up with our tier list.

Updated: 08/02/2018 for the 1.2.0 patch (Original article 06/26/2018)

Mario Tennis Aces has been out for a few months now and two new characters have joined in the form of Koopa Troopa and Blooper. The recent 1.2.0 patch has seriously reshuffled the rankings, knocking the godly Bowser Jr. and Waluigi down a peg or two. How does everyone stack up now? Our tier list aims to rank each of them based on their capablities, so you can find out below. Bear in mind that these lists can change over time, especially if Nintendo patches the game or players discover new tricks. Read on to find out our tier list for Mario Tennis Aces.

Daisy smilers for the Mario Tennis Aces Tier List
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Mario Tennis Aces Tier List

Bowser Jr. and Waluigi may have dominated the early days of Aces' life, but with the 1.2.0 update both characters have seen hefty nerfs come their way. Bowser Jr. still holds his own following the patch but the already weaker Waluigi has suffered somewhat more. While still a decent character, he's nowhere near the monster he used to be, leaving some new faces at the top of the pack. Power characters also took a hit thanks to the reduced knockback from charge shots, but the King Koopa himself is still a formidable presence on the court. We're still getting to grips with the new additions of Koopa Troopa and Blooper, but one royal individual has begun to establish her rule at the top.

S Tier

Peach, Bowser Jr, Koopa Troopa, Bowser

A Tier

Boo, Rosalina, Toadette, Waluigi

B Tier

Chain Chomp, Blooper, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Daisy, Spike, Toad

C Tier

Mario, Luigi, Wario

Mario makes a flashy entrance for our Mario Tennis Aces Tier List
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Tier List Explanation

S Tier

Peach — Peach has been steadily climbing in our estimations since the game's launch, and now sits with the very cream of the crop. A difficult character to master, her precise shots are capable of manipulating her opponent all over the court when handled well. Her slice and flats can be hit at an incredibly sharp angle, running your opponent back and forth across the court, and each of her shot types (regular, power, charge) produces a different effect on the ball. Peach’s charged lobs are particularly strong, arcing high and landing in the very corner of the court. You’ll need to work hard to master her, but once you do the rewards will pay dividends.

Bowser Jr — The clown car riding Koopa has taken a mighty hit on almost all fronts in the 1.2.0 patch, reducing his movement speed, shot speed, trick shot range and more. He's still a serious force to be reckoned with, and one you can now willingly pick without hating yourself a little bit.

Koopa Troopa — Arriving in the first monthly tournament, Koopa Troopa was another speedy character who, on paper, sounded set to be overclassed by most of the roster. Come release however and we found that this speedy little turtle performed beyond our wildest expectations. One of the fastest characters across the court, you'll be hard pressed to get a shot past him. Combine that with decent Top Spin and Lobs, and one of the best drop shots in the game (x and down on the stick or B then A) and you've got a real winner. Move your opponent back and forth with corner to corner lobs and drop shots as they struggle to get a ball past you.

Bowser — The King of Koopas shows that power characters are no joke in this game. Surprisingly fast across the court, Bowser is capable of pushing your opponent backwards off the court with his power. Charge shots were weakened a bit in the most recent patch, but Bowser is still king of Top Spin. His speed and reach are excellent for a heavy, letting you bully your opponent backwards and land a winner. Avoid using slice where possible as his is very slow.

A Tier

Boo — Boo has an especially strong curve on his slice, which can be especially deadly on service when your opponent isn’t prepared. Boo is a solid choice that will outperform anyone who doesn’t have the reach or smarts to deal with the arc on his shots. Be careful with your positioning and you'll see success with this scaredy cat ghost.

Rosalina — Much like Boo, Rosalina is a Tricky character with curving shots. She’s also pretty decent but relies largely on her Charge shot. Rosalina is able to move at a much higher speed while charging than most characters, opening up new options.

Toadette — Toadette felt weak compared to Peach's expertise, but following a series of buffs to her range and volleying, she's moved up notably in the rankings. She may yet prove to be an even better character than we currently think, but we need to put more time into her before anything's certain.

Waluigi — Love him or hate him, Waluigi's moonwalking dominance of the court is at an end after he received a beatdown from Nintendo's debuff crew. Reduced range, lunge range, Trick Shot range, speed and volley shot speed have all seen him pushed right out of top tier. He's still good, but you can't help but feel a little sorry for him, the old romantic.

B Tier

Chain Chomp — A former noob-crusher, Chain Chomp used to be near impossible to pass thanks to his long lunge range. That's all gone in the 1.2.0 path, leaving him as a relatively weaker power character, especially following the charge shot nerfs.

Blooper — An unusual twist on a tricky character, the newly added Blooper relies more heavily on his curving Top Spin. Unfortunately while this is a powerful asset, his own movement is what really lets him down and means you'll rarely get a chance to charge up on of his better shots. If you like your style curvy, stick to Boo or Rosalina for now.

Yoshi — Despite being listed as Speedy, Yoshi is a decent all-rounder and a good choice for those new to the game. He’ll play very similarly to Mario for those jumping over from the game’s story mode.

Donkey Kong Our main monkey in a tie, DK is a serviceable power character who unfortunately just feels a tad lacking in range and speed when compared to Bowser or Chain Chomp. Still, we can’t help but love him.

Daisy — Daisy is another good all-rounder that’s worth a pickup if you’re not a fan of the green dinosaur.

Spike — Another solid power character, Spike struggles with range compared to Bowser, putting him roughly on a level with DK.

Toad — Speedy character's worth has increased a fair amount thanks to nerfs to trick shots, and Toad in particular has received a lot of buffs in the latest update to make up for his lacklustre range. He still struggles with poor shot placement but is at least usable now.

C Tier

Mario — For all his heroics in the story mode, Mario unfortunately falls a bit short in multiplayer. While he’s an okay character, he’s essentially outclassed in most ways by Yoshi.

Luigi — Much like his brother, Luigi hasn’t really got anything special to bring to the court compared to the better characters on offer. Maybe that’s his punishment for being so greedy in the story mode!

Wario — Oh Wario, you’re the only character to let the Power class down. He's been buffed a bit in the recent patch but we still don't feel like he's worth the effort.

And that’s the complete tier list! Now that you’ve picked a character to play, take a look at a few more of our Mario Tennis guides. We have an explanation of how to counter every shot type and even a guide on how to unlock Blooper and Koopa Troopa early.

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