How to break open the Melon in Granny

Learn how to break the Melon open and gain one of the keys needed to escape in Granny on iOS and Android.

Granny is a popular iOS and Android game which gives you five days to escape from a barricaded house and the clutches of a club-wielding elderly lady. While the game is simple enough, finding your way out certainly isn’t, and there are plenty of confusing item combinations you’ll need to make use of before you can escape. One that’s causing a lot of confusion is the Melon item. The description of this item states “Something is inside this Melon” yet it’s not clear how to break it open. In this article we’ll explain how to break the Melon in Granny.

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The Backyard is where you need to be © DVloper
The Backyard is where you need to be © DVloper

How to break open the Melon in Granny

The Melon can be found in a few different places in Granny’s house including the Fridge, the Shed workbench, the Well, the Bathtub and even in the Car trunk. Never mind wondering what on earth Granny was keeping a melon in these places for (okay at least the fridge makes sense), the crucial part is figuring out how to open it. The Melon contains one of the keys you’ll need to use during your escape of the house (it can be the Playhouse, Master, Padlock or Weapon Key) so it’s vital you learn how to split it apart.

et voila © DVloper

Wherever you find the Melon, you need to take it to the Backyard to open it up. This can be accessed through a hidden tunnel in the Basement. Head down the stairs and move to the back left of the room to find the tunnel behind a pile of boxes. Follow it through and you’ll end up in a shed in the Backyard. Once outside you simply need to place the Melon in the guillotine and pull the lever to cut it open. Be careful though! Doing so makes a lot of noise and will alert Granny. Simply hide in the nearby chest or in the Playhouse after you’ve opened it by pulling the lever and wait for her to leave.

Congratulations, you now know how to break open the Melon in Granny. If you really want to make your escape smoothly you should check out our full guide on how to beat Granny.

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