Where to get Cactus Flesh, Solanium and Star Bulbs in No Man's Sky Next

Find out which planets you can get Star Bulbs, Solanium and Cactus Flesh from in No Man's Sky Next.

No Man's Sky is filled with bizarre flora you need to harvest during your interplanetary exploration, and many players have been having trouble hunting down Cactus Flesh, Solanium and Star Bulbs. While the process of collecting the resources you need is easy enough, finding the right planets which contain them can be extremely tricky. Fortunately, we've already done the hunting for you and in this guide we'll teach you where to get Cactus Flesh, Solanium and Solar Bulbs in No Man's Sky.

Where to get Cactus Flesh in No Man's Sky

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Newly added in the NEXT update, Cactus Flesh can be used to produce a range of industrial goods including Carbon, Insulating Gel, Poly Fibre and Unstable Gel. You'll need a lot of it but thankfully space cacti aren't all that different from those found on our own little planet, so you won't be surprised to hear that Cactus Flesh is found most readily in a desert environment. What you're looking for here is Barren environment biome which appears as a dry, rocky and sandy landscape. Find a planet fitting these characteristics and you'll be able to harvest Cactus Flesh from Echinocatucs plants.

Where to get Solanium in No Man's Sky

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Solanium is a living rock, which probably means you should feel bad about taking it from its homeworld. Added in the Atlas Rises update, Solanium can be found on Scorched planets. Similar to the barren biome, Scorched appears as a sandy and occaisionally rocky landscape, but are easily distinguishable due to the large channels of heat visible when the planet is observed from space. Boiling channels of liquid split up the land, making it fairly dangerous terrain. Solanium can be harvested from the Solar Vine plant which, with the help of a Farmer NPS, can also be grown for a harvest of 50 over 120 minutes. You will require the Haz-Mat gauntlets to harvest the plant safely however.

If you're having trouble finding a suitable planet, you can also create Solanium with a blueprint by combining 100 Phosphorous with 25 Chromatic Metal. Not sure how to get the latter? Check out guide for how to get Chromatic Metal.

Where to get Star Bulbs in No Man's Sky

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Another resouce added in the Atlus Rises update, Star Bulbs can be harvested from the Star Bramble plant which again requires a specific biome to flourish. In this case it's the Lush environment notable for it's verdant landscapes teeming with grass, trees and wildlife. Star Bulbs are also farmable with the help of an NPC Farmer, producing a yield of 25 Star bulbs over 30 minutes. It's also possible to refine Star Bulbs by combining them with one Paraffinium.

That's all there is to know on Cactus Flesh, Solanium and Star Bulbs but we have plenty more No Man's Sky Next guides available here on AllGamers. For instance, here's how to use Rocket Boots in No Man's Sky Next.

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