Where to search between Three Oversized Chairs in Fortnite

Seat yourself down and have a read our our guide to learn the location of Fortnite's three oversized chairs challenge!

Fortnite Season 5 is no stranger to bizarre challenges, and this week is no different as Epic Games asks us to search between three oversized seats. Three oversized seats, eh? Totally normal stuff! While at first glance this may seem entirely out of place as Fortnite requests go, search the map and you’ll soon discover three enormous wooden chairs that are all placed fairly close to one another in the south of the island. The chairs themselves are only really good for harvesting some resources, but combine the locations of all three and a secret is uncovered. In this article we’ll teach you where you need to search between three oversized chairs in Fortnite Season 5.

Where to search between three oversized chairs

© Epic Games
© Epic Games

At the dead center of all three chairs, you’ll find a tasty reward of 10 Battle Stars waiting for you. The three chairs are fairly close, so tracing a line between them isn’t too tough. Remember, while they might be impressive (if you’re into large furniture, we suppose), you don’t actually have to visit any of the chairs to complete the challenge. Instead, you should head directly to the intersection of lines from all three, which points to a hill northeast of Flush Factory. You should be able to see it in the northeast corner of the grid square D-9.

One of the aforementioned oversized chairs © Epic Games
One of the aforementioned oversized chairs © Epic Games

The easiest way to complete the challenge is to head directly there from the Battle Bus as it’ll save you any need to build you way up using materials. Simply land on the hill and the star will pop up from the ground between three large trees. From there you merely need to finish the game to earn a handy 10 Battle Stars, congratulations!

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