How to save in Dragon Quest 11

Learn how to manually save the game so you don't have to depend on unreliable autosaves in Dragon Quest 11.

Marked as a return to the classic style of JRPGs, Dragon Quest 11 is a sprawling adventure ready to consume all too many hours of your life as it sucks you in. As with any RPG, making sure you’re prepared for the encounters ahead is key, and that means it’s vital that you’re able to save the game when needed. Saving in Dragon Quest 11 isn’t as straightforward as you might think though, and no one wants to be questioning whether or not they’ll lose the last few hours of gameplay each time they quit. To that end, this guide aims to teach you how to save the game manually in Dragon Quest 11.

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© Square Enix

How to save in Dragon Quest 11

  • Visit a Sacred Statue or Church to confess.

While Dragon Quest 11 does feature an autosave feature that’ll stop you from losing too much progress if you exit prematurely, there’s also a way to force the game to save so that you can be sure you’re not putting anything at risk. Unfortunately, you can’t just save anywhere in the world, instead you need to head to a church or sacred statue. Enter one of theses and you’ll be able to either talk to a Priest or pause at the altar.

Doing so will provide a menu of “dialogue” choices to pick between. Most of these are handy checks on your progress like the ‘Divination’ option which lists the experience you need to level up. You can also revive fallen party members by choosing ‘Resurrection’ or clear poison or curse effects with ‘Purification’ and ‘Benediction’, respectively. The option to save is listed as a ‘Confession’. Selecting this will allow you to save in one of nine different save slots.

If you’re not sure where to look for a sacred stone, they can typically be found in campsites. Keep your eyes out for them while exploring and take note in case you need to come back and save some time in the future. After saving you’ll also be able to quit to the main menu, making it a good place to stop playing after a healthy session.

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