How to hunt and kill the legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear in Red Dead Redemption 2

Track and hunt down the legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption’s world is filled with all kinds of wildlife. However, to get the most out of your Wild West adventure, you’ll want to hunt the game’s various legendary animals to craft the best gear. The legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear gear not only looks cool, it’s also incredibly easy to make.  Here’s how you can kill the legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear and net yourself some cool looking gear.

How to Kill the Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear

You first encounter the legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear on a quest called Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego. When the quest concludes choose to stay in the area and begin to track down your elusive prey. We recommend doing a quick manual save as things can get rather bloody if you mess up. Once you’ve saved, call your horse over to your location. Scroll through the weapon wheel and access one of your rifles, preferably one with a scope. Next up, equip either High Velocity or Express rounds to ensure you’re doing the maximum amount of damage. For your secondary, consider taking a repeater for the extra burst.

Once you’re ready, simply head back to the area where you first encountered the legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear and activate your Eagle Eye. To do this, use (L3/LS + R3/RS) and carefully scour the area for evidence of the bear. When you find it, quietly track it and continue to look out for more markings. Eventually, it will be time to engage the beastly bear, so ensure you’re using the proper gun and ammunition as outlined above. Only take a shot when you have access to your Dead Eye ability and zoom in with the scope on your rifle. Try to place all your shots on the bear’s head or its heart.

The bear should go down in five shots if you land them within the critical areas. Of course, that’s a perfect scenario and things rarely go as planned in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2. Thankfully, your repeater should deal enough extra damage to down the legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear, should you miss a few shots. When the legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear is dead, approach its body and skin it. Once you’ve carefully loaded the prized pelts onto your horse, head off to find the Trapper to claim your crafting reward.


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