How to heal in Darksiders 3

Learn the best ways to keep Fury in tip-top shape by mastering how to heal in Darksiders 3.

Fury may be a mighty Nephilim and Horseman but she’s far from invincible, and that means learning how to heal during a fight is extremely important in Darksiders 3. The foes you’ll face as you hunt down the Seven Deadly Sins are surprisingly dangerous, and combat can prove extremely harsh compared to the previous two games, so it’s crucial that you learn to keep track of your health while fighting. In this guide we’ll teach you how to heal in Darksiders 3.

How to heal in Darksiders 3

© THQ Nordic
© THQ Nordic

Fury is a deadly fighter, but even a couple of hits from Darksiders 3’s weaker enemies is enough to put an unhealthy dent in her healthbar (the green bar, top left of the screen). You’ll need to get good at dodging between attacks to succeed, but even the best fighters are likely to take hits eventually, at which point they’ll need to heal.

Health regen in Darksiders 3 doesn’t happen very quickly on its own. Instead, Fury can only regain life during battle by using Healing Shards and Nephilim’s Respite, or through Healing Enhancements. If you have either of these selected in your item slot (bottom left of the the screen), using it is as simple as pressing up on the D-Pad.

Nephilim's Respite & Healing Shards

For the most part, you’re going to be using Nephilim’s Respite to heal in Darksiders 3. You’ll only have a limited number of uses at a time, but they can be easily replenished by Health Lurchers (the green souls that spawn from defeated enemies) for no cost whatsoever. Because you can refill Nephilim’s Respite through combat, don’t be afraid to use it to keep yourself alive. You can increase your stash of Nephilim’s Respite by finding Invigoration Cores, meaning it’s well worth exploring each level when you can. Overall, these should be your go-to method of healing in Darksiders 3, leaving Healing Shards for more desperate measures.

Healing Shards are one-off consumables that can’t be replenished. They come in small or large sizes and essentially act as a quick health boost when you’re in need. Be aware that Healing Shards, while not uncommon, have a limited number, meaning it’s worth saving their use for the tougher boss fights where you expect to run out of Nephilim’s Respite. Healing Shards can be purchased from Vulgrim, but each time you do so he’ll charge you more and more, meaning you’re better off relying on the ones you pick up during your adventure.

Just remember that no matter which item you use, it takes a short moment to activate it, meaning you need to find some breathing room before you heal to avoid being smacked back down to low health again immediately or, worse, interrupted and killed.

Healing Enhancements

© THQ Nordic
© THQ Nordic

Aside from consumables, you can also increase Fury’s recovery rate by upgrading her weapons with certain enhancements. For example, the Leviathan Enhancement can be purchased for just 5,000 souls from Vulgrim and provides a boost to your passive health regen. You can also equip the Marauder Enhancement to increase the chance of Health Lurchers spawning by 5%, ensuring your Nephilim’s Respite is always topped up. The Marauder Enhancement is located close to the Wrath boss room. Once you have the Flame Hollow Form, return there and follow the upper passage there to find it.

Healing isn’t the only skill to master in Darksiders 3. If you want to take your weapons to the max, you’ll also need to make sure you’re collecting Essence of a Chosen along the way. Fortunately our guide can teach you exactly where to get it.

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