Most anticipated games of 2019

The games we're most looking forward to playing in 2019 and beyond.

New Pokemon Game (Core)

A new core Pokemon game is projected to release in 2019
A new core Pokemon game is projected to release in 2019.
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If Pokemon: Let’s Go wasn’t your jam, you’ll be happy to hear that a new core Pokemon title has been confirmed for 2019. Estimated to drop towards the end of 2019 (perhaps in November like Pokemon: Let’s Go), the next core Pokemon game will bring about the fated release of Gen 8 creatures.

In the trustworthy hands of Game Freak, the next Pokemon game is being developed for a release on Nintendo Switch and may attempt to incorporate mechanics seen in Pokemon: Let’s Go like motion control. As of right now, it’s unclear what sort of direction Game Freak and Nintendo plan to take with their latest Pokemon game.

Could it be a repeat of Pokemon: Let’s Go? Maybe. Could it be more traditional, like Pokemon Sun and Moon? Also possible. One thing’s for certain though, we can’t wait to learn more about the next Pokemon title when it’s announced later this year!

New Animal Crossing Game

While we’re on the subject of new Nintendo Switch games, a new Animal Crossing game was revealed during a Nintendo Direct back in September of 2018. Since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting news concerning the latest entry in the Animal Crossing series. Projected to release in 2019, little is known about the new Animal Crossing game other than the fact that it’s being developed for Nintendo Switch.

Can we expect the incorporation of motion controls in the next Animal Crossing, similar to Pokemon: Let’s Go? Will we see new characters alongside the return of fan favorites like Isabelle and Tom Nook? It’s definitely possible. Until more information is revealed, all we have is speculation.

Despite this, it’s fun to think of what we have to look forward to in the next Animal Crossing game, and we can’t wait to play it sometime later this year!

Death Stranding

This one is a bit trickier in that Death Stranding has no confirmed release date, and while we have several trailers, we still know next to nothing about what Death Stranding “is.” In the past, Kojima is quoted as saying: “It [Death Stranding] will be out before the Olympics.” To specify, Kojima means the Tokyo Games in 2020.

He then added, “To go a little further, there is a movie called Akira, and it will be out before the year in which Akira is set.” Akira takes place in 2019, meaning that if we go by Kojima’s hint, Death Stranding will either release in 2019 or 2020. We’re going to make a prediction, and we hope we’re right about this.

Considering the 2020 Olympics begin on July 24 and end on August 9, we predict that Death Stranding will either release in July or August of 2019. What’s more, we think a Death Stranding trailer will drop at PSX 2019 announcing the game’s upcoming release date. If we’re right, we can’t wait to finally figure out what Death Stranding is all about as the game is high on our list of the most anticipated 2019 releases.

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