How to tame a bear in Atlas

If you're after a fearsome furry friend in Atlas, learn how to tame a bear!

There’s something undeniably cool about the idea of riding about on the back of a bear, but tame one of these beasts in Atlas and they’ll provide far more benefits than serving as your steed. Taming a bear is a quite daunting prospect though, as these mighty beasts are able to dish out hefty blows that’ll cut you down in short measure. In this guide we’ll teach you the best and safest way to tame a bear in Atlas.

How to tame a bear in Atlas

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Before you begin taming a bear, you first need to make sure you have a taming pen prepared. If you’re not sure how to build one, take a look at our guide for how to build a taming pen in Atlas. You’ll want this to be close enough to the bear spawn point that you can easily run back to it once you anger your target. With that ready you now need to collect a few different ingredients and tools for the taming process.

Taming an animal involves feeding it some of its preferred food. The foods you can feed to a bear, from most to least effective are as follows: Honey, Vegetables, Fruits, Berries. You can use any of these foods during the taming process, but we recommend Honey if it's available. This can be harvested from beehives (found in West and Northeast Tropical climates). Set the honey to a place on your hotbar so you can access it easily.

Next you’ll want to craft some Bolas at your Loom so that you can incapacitate the bear before taming it. To do this you’ll need to have unlocked the Taming skill, so be sure you have that too. Several Bolas will be required to complete the taming process so produce plenty (at least 5) to be safe.

How to tame a bear in Atlas
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With your equipment produced, you can now begin taming. Find a bear in the wild that you’d like to tame. We recommend finding a higher level target to give you the best advantage once tamed. Attack the bear and lure it back to your taming pen, running through the gate and out the back door before shutting the gate to trap it inside.

You can now strike the bear through the windows in your pen. Reduce its health to below 20%, then use your bolas to incapacitate it. Now you can approach the bear and feed it honey to tame it. Once the bolas timer runs down, leave the pen and repeat the same steps until you’ve fully tamed the bear and get the chance to name it.

Congratulations, you’ve now successfully tamed a bear in Atlas! These beastly creatures make for good mounts and allies in combat, but can also help you harvest berries and fiber with ease. While we’re on a taming front, here’s our guide to taming a wolf in Atlas. If piracy is more your style, here’s our guide for how to craft the grappling hook.

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