How to get Weapon Parts in Anthem

Learn the best ways to get Weapon Parts for upgrades and crafting in Anthem.

Keeping Anthem’s Javelin mech suits in tip-top shape understandably requires a good deal of resources, and throughout the game you’ll need to collect a range in order to craft and upgrade weapons and armor. When it comes to firepower, Weapon Parts are one of the most important resources, needed to unlock the bigger and beefier weapons in the game. Don’t fret if you’re not sure how to obtain them, as this guide will teach you how to get Weapon Parts in Anthem.

How to get Weapon Parts in Anthem

How to get Weapon Parts in Anthem
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You’ll need Weapon Parts if you want to build new guns in Anthem, and there are a few different ways to go about collecting them. To check how many you currently have, visit the Vault vendor at Fort Tarsis. They’ll list all the crafting materials you can collect. Weapon Parts can be found during Freeplay simple by exploring and keeping an eye out for chests or scrap you can search. Most of these will contain a few weapon parts along with other bits and bobs, so you should build up a decent supply while out and about.

However, if you want to improve the rate you’re earning them, the best thing to do is to break down your older, unused weapons. You can turn these into salvage, granting you a nice chunk of Weapon Parts. You’ll find or earn quite a few weapons you don’t want while completing quests, so make sure to turn them into something useful instead. Make use of all your old gear like this and you’ll be swimming in Weapon Parts in no time at all.

Once you understand how to get Weapon Parts, you’re pretty much set to begin enjoying upgrading your Javelins and armaments in Anthem, but there’s plenty more to learn about BioWare’s latest release. We have more guides on the way for Anthem, so check back with us soon here at AllGamers.

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