How to earn XP and level up fast in Anthem

Learn the best ways Anthem offers to earn XP and level up fast.

While crafting and looting will reward you nicely, the main way you’ll progress in Anthem is through levelling up. Not only will your weapons and Javelins get stronger, you’ll also unlock more power-ups to make use of. Best of all, increasing your level is the only way to unlock more Javelins to use. If you want to try out the other classes in Anthem, you need to know how to earn XP and level up fast.

How to earn XP and level up fast in Anthem

How to earn XP and level up fast in Anthem
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Most activities in Anthem will earn you XP, but there are a few tasks that’ll boost your XP gains more than others. We’ve listed out favorites below with tips on how to get the most out of them while you enjoy the game.

Story missions

Anthem has a pretty lengthy story to delve into, and it’s easily one of the best ways to earn XP fast. As you progress through the story you’ll unlock new weapons and features that’ll help you out overall and make levelling up in future even easier. This should be your first step when it comes to playing Anthem.


Throughout Fort Tarsis are a number of NPCs that will ask for you help, issuing contracts for you to take on. The most common place to find these is at the bulletin board close to Yarrow, but there are also other people you can run into around the Fort who’ll give out contracts if you’re interested. These are extra missions you can take on for rewards of weapons, new gear and, of course, experience too.

How to get experience and level up quickly in Anthem
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If you’re not in the mood for a strict mission, or simply want to mess around with your friends, Freeplay is the way to go. You’ll be able to explore Anthem as you like here without fear of lengthy cutscenes or lore, but to earn XP we recommend getting stuck in with the different events you’ll run into out in the world. These are usually public and can be tackled with other players who are out and about in the world. They’ll offer a nice reward of XP if you’re just out to kill time and grind those levels.

Those are the best ways we’ve currently found to earn XP and level up fast in Anthem, but feel free to leave your own tips in the comments below! While you’re here, make sure you know how to get Weapon Parts in Anthem, as you’ll need them to craft the good stuff.

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