How much does the Apex Legends Season One Battle Pass cost?

The Wild Frontier is about to kick off for Apex Legends, so how much does it cost? Find out the Battle Pass price right here.

Apex Legends' Season One Battle Pass is on the way, bringing with it new Legends, loot and weapons to collect while exploring Kings Canyon. The new loot and items will be added to the game for everyone, but Battle Pass owners will also get access to special challenges and unique unlocks. If other Battle Royales are anything to go by, the challenges will be an entertaining diversion if you choose to buy in. As a new game on the scene, many players understandably want to know how much the Apex Legends Season One Battle Pass will cost, so this article will aim to answer that!

How much does the Apex Legends Season One Battle Pass cost?

How much does the Apex Legends Season One Battle Pass Cost
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The Apex Legends Battle Pass will cost 950 Apex Coins. At the going rate, that many Apex Coins costs a little under $10 if you purchase the basic 1000 coin pack, which puts it on par with Fortnite’s Battle Pass price. Obviously the cost is lower if you splurge on a larger number of coins, but the lowest that could possibly go is about $8 if you purchased the massive 10,000 coin pack with a bonus of 1,500 coins for $100. Since it's likely you'll be able to earn skins and coins just through completing challenges in the battle pass, it might not be worth shelling out more than just the 1000 you'll need to get started.

You can also choose to purchase a Battle Pass Bundle for 2500 Apex Coins which boosts your Battle Pass level straight to 25, unlocking everything included up to that point. If you're keen to earn the new gear but don't think you'll have the time to level it all the way up, this might be the right option for you.

Apex Legends Season 1: Wild Frontier
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What will be in the Battle Pass? Over 100 new items are crammed into the Season One Battle Pass, including skins for both weapons and Legends. You'll also be able to earn Apex Coins, Points and Packs by levelling up your pass. Images of all the rewards are available here. For now though, everything we know about the Battle Pass can be found right here. For more Apex Legends tips and tricks, take a look at our hub for the game!

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