Where to find Outcast, True Sons and Hyena keys in The Division 2

You'll need keys to unlock Outcast, True Sons or Hyena crates that you find dotted around DC, here's where to find them.

If you stumble across a box on your travels around The Division 2 that asks for a Hyena key, you might be forgiven for being confused. After all, why would a loosely-structured gang have their own brand of security? There are also crates that can only be unlocked by True Sons keys or Outcast keys as well, so it seems like all the factions in the capital are getting into the lock industry. Here's where to find each of the faction's specific keys to unlock crates and get some tasty loot for your troubles.

Where to find Hyena keys, True Sons keys and Outcast keys in The Division 2

To find these keys you'll need to go a little deeper into the game world. By that we mean, in the immortal words of Jamiroquai, we're going deeper underground. Dotted around Washington, D.C you'll spot Underground Entrances, most visible on your map as they look like this:

The Division 2 Hyena Keys True Sons Keys Outcast keys location

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The above location is the best we've discovered for finding faction keys as it has multiple spawn locations in the underground. These spawn locations are boxes on the wall that you can loot, they're the sort of place you'd expect to find a key in a security office, with little hooks inside for multiple sets of keys. Every box contains just one faction key, and as far as we can tell it's random which one you can get. However the location above, as we said, has three boxes in it so you could get lucky and get one of each for each trip into the underground. Be careful though! There are sometimes roving gangs of Elite enemies down there, so be ready for a fight instead of just a farming mission. Here's what the boxes on the wall look like.

The Division 2 Hyena Keys True Sons Keys Outcast keys location
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Now that you've discovered where to find Hyena, True Sons and Outcast keys in The Division 2, perhaps you're ready to find the Dark Zone? Find out how by checking out our The Division 2 guides for more tips on getting hench in DC.


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