Kojima releases new 8-minute Death Stranding trailer

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Inevitably it's completely nuts.

Speculation was rife that Hideo Kojima would drop a new Death Stranding trailer at his buddy Geoff Keighley's Game Awards show last night, and the creator of Metal Gear Solid didn't disappoint, unveiling a ludicrous and largely unfathomable eight-minute cut-scene that is sure to keep fans excited and guessing until the next one.

It's almost useless to describe the trailer, but here goes. Norman Reedus' character, possibly called Sam Porter, wakes up in the aftermath of what seems to be a car crash. He and one other survivor are dressed in weird exosuits that have strange tracking equipment at the shoulder. As Reedus' colleague tries to free another character trapped under the wreckage, they are set upon by seemingly invisible monsters, which the flashing shoulder trackers seem to pick up and follow with lights, whirs and clicks.

Their aggressors end up getting the better of them, and rather than succumb to whatever fate lies in store, Reedus' pal kills the trapped survivor and then tries to kill himself, but seemingly fails. Then the whole world literally gets tipped upside down and thrown underwater, a whale swims by, the baby in the portable incubator is a thing again, and ultimately Reedus wakes up next to a crater, coughs up some flying beetles, and a baby down his throat gives us a thumbs-up. This is actually what happens.

We're still fascinated by this game, even though after two years and three expensive trailers we feel scarcely any closer to understanding what we'll be doing in it. Kojima is obviously loving it, and we might as well lean in and enjoy the ride.

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