GTFO is a new co-op shooter in the vein of Aliens

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It already looks better than Colonial Marines.

GTFO is an alien-influenced, co-op horror shooter from the lead designer of the Payday games.

We got our first look at the title when designer Ulf Andersson debuted the title at The Game Awards. It’s four-player co-op and pits you against hordes of slathering humanoid alien beasties with guns, turrets and flashlight to defend you.

Your team are scavengers who need to explore underground complexes to retrieve lost artefacts. Unfortunately they also happen to be overrun by ghoulish monsters. You’ll collect guns, tools and other resources along the way to stay alive.

The footage we’ve seen so far looks like very l4d-style co-op fare, with set pieces like players defending a slowly opening door while assaulted by huge swarms — though there’s also hints of stealthy or more story-driven sections.

There’s no direct news yet, but we expect a release in 2018.

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