The best custom stages for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Smash community has been hard at work creating some fantastic and hilarious custom stages for Ultimate. Here are some of the best.

Last week, the Stage Builder finally arrived for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and while the majority of players have spent the time since drawing rude images and memes as levels in the game, some thoughtful players have taken the time to build actual stages, and pretty good ones at that! We’ve spent some time scouring the Smash World and Stage Builder submissions to find the best custom stage for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate so far.

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The best custom stages for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

So far custom stages for Smash Ultimate seem to fall into four categories: recreations of old levels, strange creations, artwork, and actual, playable stages. Since the sorts aren’t really comparable with each other, we’ve split our list based on these categories too. And no, we won’t be including any Fortnite levels. Let’s hop to it!

Recreated stages

Smash Ultimate includes over 100 stages, most of which return from previous iterations in the series. However, it doesn’t quite include all of them, and that means players have been quick to work on some old favorites. Here are some of the best:

Metal Cavern

the best custom stages for Super Smash Bros Ultimate
© Nintendo


Creator: Torterra13

This classic from the N64 was a much loved and hated stage, given it was where you took on the tough Metal Mario in the game’s arcade mode. There are a few versions of this stage floating about, so have a browse and choose your favorite.

Battlefield Melee

Best user made stages for Smash Ultimate
© Nintendo


Creator: Apathy

Is Ultimate’s Battlefield stage not pure enough for you? Do you long for the days of edgehogging and recoveries that get stuck under the stage? Battlefield Melee won’t make Jigglypuff a top tier character again, but it does provide that serious demeanor the competitive spirit craves.

Smash 64 Desk

Best online stages for Smash Ultimate
© Nintendo

ID: BY4K8Y68

Creator: G-SUS

Technically never a real stage, Smash oldies will remember fondly the opening to the N64 game in which Master Hand brought Mario, Link and Pikachu to live on top of a well-lit desk. You can now relive that experience in Ultimate thanks to creator G-SUS!

Strange creations

The following stages shake up the formula for Smash, often changing the main game from knocking your opponents out of the arena to something far, far stranger. If you want to see how creative the Stage Builder can be, you’ve come to the right place.


Smashketball stage builder Smash Bros Ultimate
© Nintendo


Creator: luke

A staple from previous Stage Builders, Smashketball transforms Super Smash Bros into a deadly game of basketball in which your objective is to dunk the opposing player into cannon either side of the main platform. Entering one is certain death, which makes grappler characters like Donkey Kong perfect for this mashup  (smashup?) of BBall and Smash.

The Scoop

The best Stage Builder Stages for Smash Bros Ultimate
© Nintendo

ID: 3TX2C25W

Creator: Termolene

Smash battles are tense and all, but why not step up the fear factor by introducing an enormous swinging claw that scoops up players and carries them off the top of the level. The central red marks indicate the danger zone, and you can watch the rotating hands in the background to know when the scoop is coming.

Snakes & Ladders

Best stage builder creations smash ultimate
© Nintendo


Creator: Rainter

More of a proof of concept than an actual game, creator Rainter has built a small game of Snakes & Ladders, complete with a rotating dice wheel. One player detonates the bomb to stop the wheel, while the others move along the track to reach the exit. A small but creative use of the simple mechanics on offer in the Stage Builder.

The Wheel

Funny stage builder levels Smash Bros Ultimate
© Nintendo


Creator: Robbamatic

Good luck finding the time to fight each other while trying to stay on this fiendish level. An endlessly rotating wheel will toss you to your death or straight into shifting lava walls. Oh and just to be kind, there's a bumper on top. There are no safe spaces here, so do your best to outlive the others. Alternatively, pit four CPUs against one another here and laugh as they struggle to survive. See it in action here.

Artwork Stages

With the option to free draw level shapes, it hasn’t taken long for budding artists to try their hands at Smash Ultimate’s Stage Builder. Here are a few designs that also work as levels (just about).

Sleeping Pikachu

The best custom stages for Smash Ultimate
© Nintendo

ID: 0MYV300S

Creator: Eric;D

Aww, just look at little sleepy Pikachu’s wagging tail. Try not to wake him up with all that punching, yeah?

Sonic 1 Title

Stage Builder Sonic Level
© Nintendo (or should that be Sega?)


Creator: Aaron

Aaron has produced a lovely pixel-art rendition of Sonic’s title screen, even adding a waggle to the blue blur’s hand.

Cup & Mug

Smash Ultimate Stage Builder best levels
© Nintendo


Creator: Jester

Will Cuphead and Mugman ever make it into Smash? Probably not as characters, but at least now you can enjoy their faces while you fight.


Stage Builder DORIYAHH!!
DORIYAHH!! © Nintendo


Creator: Zida


Actual Stages

Looking for new places to throw down the gauntlet? These are some of the best new level designs we’ve seen on the creator. Just don’t expect them to be tournament legal.

Clock Showdown

Best competitive custom stages stage builder Smash Bros Ultimate
© Nintendo


Creator: xShaunSPx

This fun little level includes a few shifting platforms and a rotating clock hand you can bounce off and stand on in the center.


Arboreum Stage Builder
© Nintendo


Creator: Chuckles

For the more competitive players, Arboreum offers a unique but predictable layout to test, including a multi-tiered stage and one moving platform. A lovely change of pace from the usual hazardless designs.

3 Battlefields

Best Stage Builder levels for Smash Ultimate
© Nintendo


Creator: J

Find Big Battlefield a bit too bland but like the general idea? Whip this stage out during your next 8-player Smash session and you can fight atop three rotating versions of the Battlefield layout. Who will be the victor on each?

Bowser’s Stadium

Smash Ultimate Stage Builder best custom levels
© Nintendo


Creator: Jester

Okay, this one is a bit more silly, but we enjoy the design on offer here. Bowser’s head will rotate as you fight, spitting out balls of lava that bounce pinball style around the level. Throw your opponents into them for excess damage.

Those are all the best custom stages for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate we’ve found so far, but we can’t wait to see what the community comes up with in future. Check out the SmashBrosStages reddit for more submissions. Have you found or made any fantastic creations? Share them in the comments below!

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