How to get Neutral Orbs in Dauntless

Here's how to get Neutral Orbs in Dauntless so you can get those upgrades you're after.

If you want to know how to get Neutral Orbs in Dauntless then you're clearly on your way to some sweet upgrades. The free-to-play Monster Hunter-like has plenty of paths to beefing up your weapons and armor, but for Neutral gear you'll need plenty of Neutral Orbs along the way. Every stage of upgrades requires you to find Neutral Orbs in Dauntless, so gathering a stockpile is your best bet for early success. To help you, here's how to get Neutral Orbs in Dauntless.

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How to get Neutral Orbs in Dauntless

How to get Neutral Orbs in Dauntless
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To farm Neutral Orbs in Dauntless you're going to need to progress a little way through the tutorial quests you're given, at least until you unlock the Patrol option in the Hunt Map screen. Patrols are a little different to Pursuits in that you'll be sent out against a randomly selected Behemoth of the type that you head out on Patrol for. Obviously to get more Neutral Orbs you'll want to choose a Neutral Patrol. The reason this is the fastest way to farm Neutral Orbs in Dauntless is because each Patrol awards 10 Orbs on completion, and you can double that with Daily Patrol bonuses. Along with the Neutral Orbs you break off the Behemoths themselves, you can earn around 30 Neutral Orbs per Patrol this way.

The method of how to get Neutral Orbs in Dauntless is similar for every elemental type you might need, so if you need Blaze Orbs then just head out on Blaze Patrol as well.


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