How to get Apocalypse Horn in Dauntless

Learn how to get Apocalypse Horn and craft Radiant gear by challenging the fearsome Valomyr.

As you work through Dauntless’ many weapon and armor upgrades, you’ll eventually reach stages where you need to collect Behemoth parts you’ve likely never heard of before. One such item is the Apocalypse Horn, which is required to craft a few pieces of armor. Provided you’ve progressed far enough in Dauntless, this item isn’t all that hard to earn, so in this guide we’ll take you through how to get Apocalypse Horn in Dauntless.

How to get Apocalypse Horn in Dauntless

How to get Apocalypse Horn in Dauntless
Valomyr makes for a tough hunt, but if you can break its horn then you'll earn the Apocalypse Horn you're after. © Phoenix Labs

You can get Apocalypse Horn has a common drop during any Valomyr fight. The Apocalypse Horn is rewarded for breaking the Valomyr horns during the fight. Check our list of all Behemoths in Dauntless and you’ll see that Valomyr is a Radiant Behemoth that sort of looks like a large angry stag beetle. As one of the tougher enemies in the game, you won’t get access to this Behemoth until you’ve put in several hours. Around the time you reach the Dire Warnings quest from Katerin Sorrel, you should also be able to get Valomyr quests like Looking Radiant from Janek Zai.

To unlock hunts against Radiant Behemoths will take some time, but if you get quests from other NPCs along the way, you might have access to Radiant patrols much earlier. These will often only see you facing a Valomyr, but don’t expect it to be an easy fight. You’ll ideally want Umbral weapons to take on the the Valomyr (see our Elemental Weaknesses guide for why), but your weapon choice here is more important. As the Apocalypse Horn is dropped by breaking the Valomyr Horn, you cannot use a Hammer as blunt damage can’t sever horns or tails. Instead, choose a weapon that excels in part damage, though you may still want a Hammer in the squad just to land a stagger. Make sure you focus your damage on the horn to ensure it breaks during the hunt.

Now that you know how to get Apocalypse Horn in Dauntless, you can use any you manage to collect to help you craft Valomyr gear that’ll protect you in all future Valomyr hunts. While you’re here, feel free to check out some of our other resource guides for Dauntless including how to get Smoldering Bloodhide!

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