This custom Star Wars PS4 controller is a thing someone built

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It took them 70 hours and they still finished it.

We’re not going to mince words here: we hate this custom-built Star Wars PS4 controller. It is an abomination. Luke Skywalker’s head sticking out of the touchpad can only be mouthing one thing: “Kill me.”

Nevertheless, it was completed – over a period of 70 (seventy) hours – by a collaboration of artist Enrico “Berta” Bertagnoli and custom pad purveyors XQ Gaming. So not only did one person spend almost three whole days of their lives bringing this thing to life without questioning why, multiple people did. A team, even.

We suppose it could have been worse, judging by many of the prototypes featuring Kylo Ren and Rey’s heads as joysticks.

“This controller is not particularly made for any customer,” the team says in the description for the video below, detailing the build. We don’t suppose it ever could have been, no.

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