Gaming's greatest shotguns

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These are our boomsticks!

Video games and shotguns go together like, well, we’re not actually sure any two things do go together better —  although bread and butter have made it a close call. In fact, we like our short-range blasters so much that we’ve compiled a list of what we believe are the greatest shotguns in gaming. From twin-barrelled classics to automatic monsters, read on to discover the best shotguns video games have gifted unto us.

Super Shotgun - Doom II/ DOOM 2016

The only weapon on this list that warrants no explanation, Doom’s Super Shotgun is an absolute classic of the FPS genre. First introduced in Doom II, it took the staple weapon of Doomguy’s arsenal, stuck two barrels on it and more than doubled the firepower. The Super Shotgun earned its reputation through the blood of hundreds of Imps, Cacodemons and Pinkies slain by its hand. The weapons return in DOOM 2016 was every bit of satisfying and quickly took over from the default shotty as our weapon of choice.

The time challenges in DOOM 2016 gave the perfect opportunity to try out the weapon against the squishiest enemies around, but it remained effective and satisfying even up against the Barons of Hell. In a game packing a fantastic gauss rifle, a rocket launcher with manual detonation, and the frigging BFG, it says a lot that the super shotgun remains one of Doom’s most memorable weapons.

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