Christopher Buffa


Christopher is a father of two wonderful kids who prevent him from playing as many video games as he’d like. In fact, the only game that he plays on a semi regular basis is Sea of Thieves, and that’s because his son loves pirates. But don’t shed a virtual tear. It’s quality time spent sailing the high seas in a rickety virtual boat with his first mate!

This means that Christopher has a humongous backlog of critically acclaimed video games begging for attention… games that he hopes to play any day now. Thankfully, the Nintendo Switch has been a savior, allowing him to get in a quick level of Crash Bandicoot or Lumines Remastered, in between changing diapers, washing bottles, and planning dinner. When he’s not playing games or driving kids to school, Christopher enjoys writing, learning tips for SEO, and traveling.

Recently, he visited Brazil for BIG Festival 2018, where he went hands-on with tons of upcoming indie games, like Dead Cells, Semblance, and Dolmen. Feel free to reach out to Christopher at Twitter. He also appreciates parenting advice!