Paul Davies


Paul’s first videogame was Space Invaders in 1978, which tells you how incredibly old he is. Remarkably, though, the magic of playing those early games has proven so powerful, it has kept Paul animated in mind, body and spirit more effectively than any new age program or possibly yoga could achieve. Paul sincerely holds the belief that Centauri from the planet Rylos is watching, and he will be called to defend The Frontier from the Ko-Dan Armada.

Despite low intelligence, Paul has successfully held down jobs as magazine and website editor for CVG (1995-2000), and ran his own gaming editorial agency from 2005-2015 before turning freelance, which is similar to being undead. He loves playing games and writing about them. He also loves Spanish guitar, that’s very important too.

If you want to reach Paul, you can tweet him @FutureKick.