7 Deadly Sins of World of Tanks

Repent now or be struck down by an SPG.


Anger is a problem that each gamer will face at least once (editor's note: per day?) in their gaming career – and multiple times where online multiplayer is concerned. Being quick to anger, whether it’s at yourself, your friends, your teammates, or even your sworn enemies (the other team) is a deadly sin.

Avoid a the deadly sin of anger and be a happy tanker!
Avoid the deadly sin of anger and be a happy tanker!

However, anger costs more than just your friends; it can lead you to losing focus. Whenever you lose focus in World of Tanks, you miss things easily, like what’s happening on the minimap, tank movements around you, or something as simple as avoiding a tree.

Do not be quick to rage quit, instead, take some time to calm and refocus, you’ll feel better for it and might find yourself winning more matches.

Do your best to avoid committing any of these seven deadly sins of World of Tanks, and you will find that your gaming experience will be far more rewarding and enjoyable. Do you find yourself sometimes – accidentally, of course – committing any of these World of Tanks sins?

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