Highest Penetration Light Tanks in World of Tanks

These Light tanks offer the highest penetration of their tank type.

Highest Penetration Light Tanks – Tier 9

Tier 9 is where things tend to settle down, as the difference between the higher tiers begins to close. Despite this, there are Light tanks out there that offer alarmingly high penetration values.


The American T49 is one of the most fun tanks to play in World of Tanks and a tank that has the highest alpha damage of all Light tanks. However, if you choose not to equip its derp gun, the 90 mm T132E3 offers some incredible penetration values. At 212 mm, a standard round can punch clean through most enemy armor, especially if they have failed to angle correctly.

Spahpanzer Ru 251

The Ru 251 is a tank known for its ability to excel at being an active scout thanks to its top speed of 70 km/h. However, those that prefer to use it for its flanking abilities will be thrilled with its 215 mm of penetration its standard rounds.


Further proving that the WZ series of tanks is the line to go down, the Chinese WZ-132A is a Light tank with the highest penetration value out of all Tier 9 Light tanks. Clocking in at 220 mm of penetration, the WZ-132A’s 100 mm 62-100TA gun boasts 220 mm of penetration.

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