Highest Alpha Damage Medium Tanks

Devastate your enemies with these heavy-hitting Medium tanks.

Highest Alpha Damage Mediums - Tier 9

At Tier 9, the Chinese WZ-120 manages 440 alpha with a whooping 249 mm of penetration.

There’s not a large step up in power when it comes to Tier 9, and while the alpha damage stays the same, the penetration values increase. This means more alpha damage will be registering per hit, especially when firing against lower tiers. These penetration values will mainly help when facing the thicker armor of the Tier 10 vehicles.


Again with the Chinese tech tree, but this time with a Tier 9 Medium tank. The WZ-120 is a Medium tank with one of the highest alpha damage stats in the game, even beating out some Tier 10 vehicles. Its 122 mm 60-122T gun boasts an incredible 440 points of alpha damage with an astounding 249 mm of penetration, allowing you to puncture even the most perfectly angled tank.

AMX 30 1er prototype

At Tier 9, the French offer an excellent Medium tank capable of high alpha damage. The AMX 30 1er prototype, once upgraded to the 105 mm mle. F1 gun, can hit for 390 points of damage with 260 mm of penetration, which in turn can be bumped up to 320 mm of penetration with APCR rounds.

Centurion 7/1

The first British entry onto this list is the Centurion Mk. 7/1, a Medium tank that will see you knocking enemy tanks off the battlefield with ease. With tough mantle and hull armor, the Centurion isn’t just a powerful gun. Once you’ve made it through the stock modules, the 105 mm Royal Ordnance L7A1 offers 390 damage with 268 mm of penetration – 480/210 if you’re willing to use APCR!

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