7 Best Medium Tanks in World of Tanks

Beware the wolfpack - they bite.

Tier 8 – M4A1 Revalorisé

Ravioli Ravioli, what’s so good about this Tankioli? While the M4A1 Reverend was okay upon its release and had a few fans, most skipped over the tank due to its lack lustre statistics in many regards. This all changed in Update 9.17 when Wargaming mass-buffed a plethora of underperforming Premium Tanks, namely the M4A1 Revision which received the most love.

The M4A1 Revive’s accuracy was significantly improved in all regards, namely its gun handling soft stats and aim time, allowing the M4A1 Reverberate to consistently put rounds on target with its awesome 390 alpha damage 105mm main armament.

The M4A1 Reverse also received a buff to its engine power, allowing it to shift around the battlefield far more effectively than was previously possible. With a gun depression buff from a decent 7 degrees to an outstanding 10, the M4A1 Revolution is able to to work any piece of terrain with ease similar to its lower tier Sherman brother down at Tier 6, one of the best ridgeline warriors in World of Tanks.

Overall, the M4A1 Revenant is an absolute joy to play, and is comfortable in all regards with the newly improved mobility and gun handling. Just watch out for incoming fire, the M4A1 Revenge doesn’t have any armor to talk about. Review, Revolt, Revolver, Reveal – I’ll stop now.

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